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American Dietetic Association Confirms Health Benefits of Beer | Beer Universe

American Dietetic Association Confirms Health Benefits of Beer

By Andrea Giancoli |
February 28, 2011 |

While red wine is often touted as the heart-healthy libation, more evidence is showing beer has a great deal of nutrition and health-promoting qualities as well, according to an article published in the Winter 2011 issue of the American Dietetic Association’s member publication, ADA Times.

“Red wine enjoys a reputation for sophistication and health benefits, but as interest in artisan brewing gains momentum and emerging research reveals unique nutrition properties, beer is finding redemption not only as a classy libation with deep roots in many cultures, but as a beverage with benefits,” writes registered dietitian and ADA Spokesperson Andrea Giancoli.

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Small Brewers Want to Tap Into a Little of the Action | NYTimes

Pub owners like Mr. Metzger would love to sell their brews in retail stores, bars and restaurants, but state law prohibits it. So he and other owners have formed Texas Beer Freedom, a nonprofit lobbying organization, to push for legislation that would allow brewpubs to get their beer out beyond the bar.

But the small brewers have to overcome some opponents with big names and deep pockets: the powerful beer distribution lobby.

Read the rest at nytimes.com

Social Media as a tool; can we actually motivate our state legislation? Hell, let’s give it a try! The three-tiered system in Texas is a huge failure and lesson in monopolistic behavior.

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The Homebrew Pipeline & Bluebonnet Brew-Off

So, with the Bluebonnet Brew-Off entry check-in end date looming (Feb 24), I’ve been begging the weather to cooperate with my schedule so I could sneak a brewday or two in.  Score one for me yesterday.  I brewed a IPA with a semblance to a Cigar City Jai Alai clone.


What was also nice is that my Baltic Porter 10-gallon batch was ready for transfer.  Five gallons are now clarifying and carbonating in keg.  The other five gallons went into a Balcones Distillery Rumble barrel for aging until at least next February.  I am most excited in the barrel experiment because it has also been infected with Brettanomyces; in particular the Brett. Lambicus strain, as it was the only one I had readily available.  Ideal?  No, but whatevah!  I’ve only had one Brett-soured Porter, and I was really intrigued by the flavors.  I figured I’d give it the ol’ college try, myself.  Hopefully, I will remember to report back next year.


I’ve also got a Maibock from my homebrew club‘s “Big Brew” fermenting away, but I won’t be entering it into competition, since it was a group effort.


And with that, I’ve run out of things to type.  Here’s my list of planned entries for Bluebonnet:

-Scottish 90/- | guess I’ll finally have to figure out a category to put this in…9E-Strong Scottish, although it’s way too hoppy for the cat.

-Winter Warmer | going with 19A-Old Ale, I think.

-Baltic Porter | *gasp* 12C-Baltic Porter

-Hi A Lie IPA | either 14B-American IPA or 14C-Imperial IPA, depending on flavor and recalculating final numbers.


Cheers, and RIP Don Younger

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140 Days To Texas Beer Indpendence: Day 1 | Brewed and Never Battered

140 Days To Texas Beer Indpendence: Day 1.

Today began the 82nd Session of Texas Legislature with the re-election of San Antonio Republican Joe Strauss as House Speaker.  The biggest item on the agenda for this Legislature will be a budget shortfall ranging from $15 to 27 billion over the next two years, depending on who you talk to.  As an educator (I do more than just make beer for a living), I’ve already been informed by the University to expect budget cuts around 33%.

One new item on the agenda will be a bill to allow Texas brewpubs to sell their product into the distribution system.  In other words, you’ll be able to buy North by Northwest beer in Houston, Uncle Billy’s in Dallas, Blue Star in Austin or anywhere else one of the 20 brewpubs in Texas chooses to ship their product.

PLEASE go continue reading the entire entry at the link above.

This is a huge step towards what I consider fixing the horrible imbalance of rules/regulations/laws/restrictions put into place on the small brewery/brewpub existence in the state of Texas. We have been deeply out-of-whack with what seems, to me, common sense rules and regulations that would truly support the small business brewery/brewpub owners and potential owners. I don’t see any reason a brewpub shouldn’t be able to distribute their brews the same as a brewery. For that matter, although not addressed in this particular bill, I don’t understand the sense behind restricting breweries from having a small bar to directly retal-serve their wares. But I digress…

I hope this will see the light of day in Legislature, and, of course, ratification. Small business owners have been what keep this country afloat in times of economic troubles, and I hope the Texas Legislature sees the sense in helping small businesses help us all with this bill.

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Beer Man: How Brock Wagner Built St. Arnold’s Brewing Into the Best Microbrewer In Texas|Forbes


St. Arnold’s Brewing founder Brock Wagner

Brock Wagner loved beer, hated investment banking. So 16 years ago he founded Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston. By cultivating his cult following Wagner has managed to build a shiny new brewery in the middle of a recession and grow volumes by 50%.  His 10 award-winning beers, like Texas Wheat and Fancy Lawnmower are sold only in Texas. For now, that’s the way he likes it.

Wagner shared his thoughts on how to go from being a beer-lover to a beer-maker.

My favorite piece of the article:
CH: Where did the name come from?

BW: Saint Arnold was a 7th century French bishop who advised parishioners to drink beer instead of foul local water.

CH: That’s fitting for Houston.
Good humor. I’ve never gotten to meet Brock Wagner, but those that I know that have share the praise of him as a good dude. I’ve been a big St. A’s fan since I was turned on to them while still in college at Texas A&M and working in Houston.

If you have it available to you and haven’t given it a shot yet, go ahead and pick up some Saint Arnold’s brew. Also, if you ever find yourself in Houston, check and see if you can get in on the tour. It’s fun. It’s tasty.

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Heretic Brewing to open in San Francisco next year | beernews.org

November 5, 2010

Heretic Brewing to open in San Francisco next year


Heretic Brewing

(San Francisco, CA) – Homebrewing celebrity, Jamil Zainasheff, made a big announcement this week.

It came on an episode of Brewing TV, posted online yesterday. Around the 16:20 mark, Zainasheff reveals that he’s starting a new brewery called Heretic Brewing. Here are the scant details thus far:

– Located in East Bay of San Francisco
– 30 barrel brewhouse
– Expected to release first beers in February or March 2011
– Will be packaged in kegs primarily to start with 750s and bombers shortly thereafter
– Should be pouring at Homebrewers Conference in June in San Diego

Wow! Surprised, somewhat. Intrigued, for sure. Go read the rest of the article at beernews.org.

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Winter Warmer – Rahr & Sons

Yep, so last night, The Wife and I joined a few friends down at the Rahr Brewery for our fairly traditional Wednesday evening tour.  The great part is that they were featuring their Winter Warmer on tap that night, and I had only had my first taste of it at the Ginger Man the night before.  I’ve always had a fondness to this particular seasonal of theirs over the last few years and have been waiting patiently for it to come out this year. 


Well, I was not let down.  This has to be, in my humble opinion, by far, the greatest release of the line that I have ever had.  Great bitter dark chocolate and roast notes, among other things that my unskilled pallet does not discern so well.  Oh, and the coolest glassware, as well.  I will, for sure, be stocking up on WW this year and putting quite a few away.  Now, the only thing remaining is seeing the Barrel-aged WW in bombers hit the shelves down the road…

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(512) Brewing Co Souring Bruin | Beer Town Austin


Awesome! Go read the quick article over at BeerTownAustin.

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Peace, Love and Collabeeration | CraftBeer.com

Peace, Love and Collabeeration

By Brittany Dern

Life and Limb. Collaborative Evil. Mutinous Battle Chai. Collaboration, Not Litigation! Sound familiar? If you’re a fan of collaboration beers, then you’ve most likely heard of at least one, if not all four. And, if you haven’t tasted a collaboration beer yet, you should head over to your closest better-beer store and find one to crack open while you learn what collaboration is all about…

Collaboration beers are born when two or more brewers from different breweries come together in some form or fashion and create a tasty brew. This “coming together” can happen when one brewery creates a beer with another brewery, when two or more brewers each make a batch from the same recipe but with their own flare, or even when a homebrewer is invited to brew some suds with a professional brewer.

Read the rest of this article at craftbeer.com

Collaborations can be so damn interesting to try. I’m always interested to see what some of my favorite breweries are bringing to the table in these. On top of that, it sometimes gives me the chance to try stuff involving another brewery I may not typically get around here.

Regardless, my opinion on collaborations, the concept: Thumbs way up. Keep pushing the lines, friends.

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